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We are moving! We are moving!

… to a new location.  Starting on May 23 (that’s a week tomorrow), As You Were will be at the following URL:  All the posts, comments and  other great stuff are already there;  but this post will be the last new thing you see at this address before the lights go out.

But don’t worry — there will be some great new posts springing to life at the new, official site, including a feature interview with Catherine Lundoff on her new werewolf novel Silver Moon, a couple of new blog tours, book reviews and more.

So to those of you who follow this blog, have it bookmarked, or just stop by: please point your browsers to the new site.


Thunder God Thursday: Thor hits the funnybooks

Artist Oliver Coipel revamped Thor’s look for Marvel Comic’s reboot of the series, written by J. Michael Straczynski, in 2007.

Author’s note: a few things have changed since this was written, namely the resurrection of Thor by Marvel Comics in the acclaimed run on the new title by J. Michael Straczynski, alluded to in the comments from Tom Brevoort below. Also, there were new incarnations of Norse myths in independent comics, such as Grant Gould’s The Wolves of Odin.

And one other thing, what was that?  Oh yeah, a blockbuster movie based on Marvel Comics’ Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth as the titular thunder god, who returns to the big screen as the big guy in The Avengers.  If you want to see how the god of thunder went from medieval god to modern superman, read on…

The Modern Edda: Norse myths in comics

Though their names leap out at us from the days of the week, Norse gods were relatively obscure until recently. Opera figures of Siegfried and Brunnhild were one tentative step into this pagan world, but it took another form of entertainment to plunge a new generation into the old myths: comic books.

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