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Authors put the bite on vampires and their ways

We’ve all heard enough about vampires recently.

Everyone knows they look like frumpy old ladies, overjoyed that an aging population means they fit in nowadays. Or that they keep humans penned up as food, and having sex with a human is tantamount to bestiality. Or that when a vampire slayer starts killing them off, they go right to the police.

Wait, this isn’t sounding too much like Twilight or True Blood — but they’re some of the ideas introduced in the new Canadian anthology Evolve, edited by Nancy Kilpatrick.

The Montreal-based Kilpatrick is no stranger to the genre, having written numerous dark fantasy and horror novels herself. She previously edited the erotic vampire collection Love Bites, and co-edited Edge’s horror anthology Tesseracts 13.

Tesseracts 13 was the first horror title published by Edge, a predominantly sci-fi and fantasy publisher in Calgary. The success of that book prompted this new all-vampire anthology.

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Werewolf Wednesday: Underworld

Underworld (2003 film)

I had no idea when I first wrote about Underworld during a stint as movie reviewer for Uptown Magazine that the movie would spawn a four-movie franchise, the latest of which, Underworld: Awakening, hit theatres in March this year.

I’m afraid I never got past the sequel.  This first instalment had its moments (few and far between) but the second, despite Derek Jacobi doing his best Hunt For Red October riff as a sub captain hunting paranormals (if you’re saying “huh?” I say: exactly), was a hot mess.  And that’s kind of unfair to words denoting temperature and chaos.

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Rewriting, revising, it’s-all-going-to-be-crap; or, to be one of the happy few

“What? ANOTHER revision?”

Revising, like war, is hell.

For those of you stuck in your own Work-In-Progress, or for anyone who wonders why it takes so long to write a novel, I offer up my own (unfinished) experience.

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Monster mashup: Teen Wolf vs. The Lost Boys

“What the? You mean they’re going to release this movie, even though I’m already in one that’s actually good this summer? Gah!”

There were plenty of cheesy movies made in the ’80s, but some of them still hold their charm.  It seems strange today, when the likes of Twilight rule at the bookstores and in movie theatres, but back then the whole teen-monster meme was a long way off.

But two movies stand out, even if they don’t necessarily stand up today: Teen Wolf and The Lost Boys.

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For the well-dressed monster geek

Sometimes you need the right apparel for when you’re on an express elevator to hell, going down… or if you just don’t like the cornbread, either.

It could be said I have an overabundance of t-shirts. This despite the fact I routinely purge them every five to ten years. All those heavy-metal concert shirts from the ’80s? Gone. All my theatre shirts from the ’90s? Gone. Well, hm, wait, a stash of them has been discovered in an old dresser at the lake. Do I toss them out? What a sartorial dilemma. I only have one torso…

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In case you were wondering

A pack of wolves, a parliament of owls, a herd of bison… Should you need to refer to groups of paranormal things, though, what do you say? Traditionally, “coven” is used to refer to a group of witches or vampires, but someone has taken up the challenge to assign words for all groups of beasties.

This is a creative if specious list… I do love the “lunacy of werewolves.”

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